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The following lists PSA-recognized exhibitions that have agreed to conform to the PSA Exhibition Standards. They can be viewed either by searching for a group of exhibitions (by name, by year, by type etc) or by listing exhibitions by month.

Shown for each listed exhibition are:

  • The name and country of the exhibition;
  • The PSA unique recognition number for the exhibition;
  • The closing date (the date by which entries must be received) of each exhibition;
  • The number of judgings (salons) and sections (themes) in the exhibition;
  • The division (PID-Color, Nature, etc.) and title of each section;
  • The link to the website of each exhibition.
  • An indicator that the exhibition states it has applied for FIAP patronage. Note this does not guarantee the application was completed or that FIAP granted patronage.
  • An indicator whether correct entrant acceptances data has been received from the exhibition and has been posted on PSA’s acceptances database and is thus eligible for star and galaxy applications and other PSA purposes. Posted exhibitions are highlighted in orange. Data is not expected until 30 days after the last date of judging. There may be further delays due to exhibitions not submitting correct data in a timely manner - and there are occasional system errors. Exhibitors are advised that it is the exhibition’s responsibility to submit accurate data on time to PSA, and that, although PSA does what it can to promote good practices from exhibitions in this regard, PSA can take no responsibility for the timeliness or accuracy of the data ultimately submitted or not submitted.

Attention All Exhibitors
Do not enter any exhibitions that are not listed on this Official Current PSA webpage. There are some unethical exhibitions that are making it appear as if they had PSA-recognition, when in fact, they do not. Also do not pay for multiple exhibitions based on them having PSA Recognition for future exhibitions when in fact those future exhibitions have not been recognized by PSA.

Entrants should note that many exhibition websites no longer function a few months after the exhibition Closing Date. Entrants are advised to retain their scorecards or some other record of their acceptances until PSA can provide a universal retrieval tool for alll entrants.
Most websites use the very secure protocol, https, as part of their URL. The earlier protocol, http, may not be secure. Since January, 2022 PSA requires exhibitions to display which protocol they use.

Exhibition Names are highlighted with           when EDAS has been received and uploaded to the PSA database.
Exhibition Names are highlighted with           when EDAS has been received with errors and corrections are pending from the exhibitions.

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For assistance or problem report please email it.systems@psa-services.org. A volunteer will return your enquiry as soon as possible.
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